Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pics from life, recent

God bless the new Iphone for simplifying many things, like taking pictures and having them handy, and damn it for all the extras it brings into my life - all the technological temptations that come bundled and the projects that spin out...

Here's a smattering of photos - lots more to come.
In short: all's well, India's nearly 4 months, a charming cutie who sometimes sleeps at night and Wyeth's loving letters like a mini-academic-in-the-making.

And parents doing great, happy for spring and minding the crocuses, planting pansies...

India, with attitude, at lunch in Great barrington

Wyeth and the baboon, Prospect Park Zoo

Wyeth and the feathered, prospect park zoo

Wyeth (and Rus) in the rotunda at the Prospect Park Zoo

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