Friday, September 09, 2011

First day at the Co-Op School

Our brave-ish, small-ish, intellectual hit the board books at the Co-Op School yesterday. His first day as a Rolly Polly.

Wyeth was all business and activity on arrival - investigating the toys, room, crossing legos with a few classmates. When R made move to leave, there were tears and demands that Daddy "sit", then the same when I headed off, but he survived and received a glowing report for the day. The principle herself, a thoroughly hands-on school-head, emailed me late morning:

Hey Courtney -
Wyeth is doing much better - I know its hard to leave him when he's crying!
We sat together at Circle Time and he's been on the playground.
There are still a few tears but in between bursts of action and play:)
Hope your having a great day.

Leaping cushions towards Wyeth's own 'W' with moon and star cushion - set up for circle time.

When I picked W up at 4, he + Rolly Polly classmates were in the second floor playground, absorbed in bumping and backing up in their Little Tikes cars. Not one child ran to his/her parent - to a child they all kept on bumping and playing with a wave here and there.

(W in car but mid-summer in playground, not at school.)

With relief and an exhausted but proud little guy ready for a full 3 days next week,
love to all.

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