Thursday, February 10, 2011

We did indeed

Last Weekend: Us and/at/with IT (17 Lefferts that is)

We signed!

And, being unable to not,
though there's a fireplace to open, carpets to un-tack and walls to paint
before we lay our heads there,

(Wyeth's laid his - 3 fine on-site naps to date),

we started feathering and picnicking
and buying lots of local coffees and pastries (Rus),
kicking balls clear across living room/dining room without repercussion (Wyeth),
and toting non-needful but home-ful by subway from the city, then loving the house with candles and little dishes for rubberbands and twisties and well-turned out soaps and fresh toothbrushes and bringing my sad little light-starved plants by subway from darkness into the home's great light.

In photos then, evidence of this.
Tomorrow, work begins and feathers fly.

Rus + my room-to-be (when it will not be pink)

my command set-up on a counter vamoosed to basement tomorrow,
looking on the dining room that shall soon be not red

living room with just exactly as many furnishings as Wyeth would like always.
He's visible in last bookshelf opening by palm, testing each shelf with his car


tube of you said...

Really impressive. Thanks.

Katie - BWI Parking said...

Sweet! Thanks for putting this together.