Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ignore the clown

Friday at the Westside Y (where Wyeth attends Tender Care a few days a week), Looney Louie to perform for the little people.

In attendance (with teachers), sitting nicely behind the masking tape and besotted with Louie, riveted by his humor - were all the other school kids. Ages ranged from 8 months to, say, 6 years.

Wyeth is 1.4 or so and showed no interest in Louie. He is scared of balloons but getting braver. Mostly, he likes balls and ball-like things and crayons. When he wakes, as soon as his feet hit the floor he's either squatting beside his tin of seedy, broken down crayons and launching a masterpiece or yelps "baa" (ball) and starts kicking the nearest orb.

Anyway. This video should illustrate. We will not attend the circus for now. Not till Wyeth can be convinced to stay in the stands.

This evening, Wyeth will hit the streets as a Lobster Man ( Gordon's Fisherman look but catch-and-release variety). Having not done a dry-run of the costume, not at all sure that various lobsterman elements will make it (S'ouwester hat, yellow rain pants, boots, and a string bag of 12 fuzzy lobsters c/o ebay). Will record results and post.

Happy Halloween to all.
Holidays way WAY cooler with kids. Planning snacks for Santa and the reindeers already....


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