Tuesday, August 03, 2010

my other life

Initially, perhaps I wouldn't be the one who 360-ed a blog from looking outwards and onwards to one that focused,
on a baby.

Of course I couldn't, wouldn't and, to my mind, shouldn't have resisted.
And, lo, I did not.
And since roughly June 23 2009, fromacafe has become, for all intents,
or welcome to the small small world that orbits my baby Wyeth.

Who knows if I've lost readers as a result.
Or gained?

But with our boy now being one and forging his own wobbly path in the world, I'm going to try my hand at occasional grown-up things here.
Like showing some of my recent photos of the maine house,
talking about houses in Brooklyn loved + lost,
mentioning a blogging-on-design job I applied for (cross fingers),
finally market the silver shell necklaces I've created but never sold,
re-introducing the semi-languishing Circa Trade...

Which is not to say there won't still be TONS of Wyeth here. Blogger-bias after all.

So, with that little piece of house-cleaning - on + off we go.

love to all


Tara Thayer said...

dear courtney,
i think i should finally introduce myself.
my name is tara thayer, and i've been reading your blog for quite a long time...a couple of years, i guess.
you are a wonderful writer, and my husband and daughters and i have been in circa a few times on day trips up to hudson.
i was thrilled for you when wyeth was born, and he is completely adorable.
i don't at all want to creep you out, but after this post i realized i'm out here reading and you have no idea.
i blog also, and frankly, that part - those anonymous lurkers- bugs me a bit.;)
you can find me, if you care to, at publicbookstore.blogspot.com

best wishes to you and yours.
tara thayer

ctp said...

Tara I am honored, and touched. Your blog, and life, and gorgeous family - to know that I'm linked to it all is very wonderful.
best wishes back