Sunday, June 06, 2010

we went to Bulgaria and baby's been baptized

Last week, our threesome, plus Dad and Sarah, joined Vladimir and Maria Chilov in Sofia Bulgaria.

Wyeth's first and second trans-atlantic flights (and, were it possible, last till grad school),
first (and second) Heathrow transit,
first shopska salad and kufte, and, in the banner event of the week,
his first (and only - unless in later life he wanders into something else altogether) baptism took place on Monday, June 24th at the St Sofia church.

He handled like a pro, if there can be such a thing.
(Babies are stunningly game. )

Photos of the 10 days are here.

Now we're back in New York and Wyeth's maintained that just-baptized glow...
We miss Bulgaria though.

love, and more reports soon

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