Sunday, June 13, 2010


Me + W - he in Scotland jersey (c/o cousin Hudson and no, Scotland wasn't/isn't playing but how many small fellow even have jerseys?) and me without. Rus does have (Bayern Munich) but he didn't get in the shot.

Saturday: watched US-UK with friends in Brooklyn.

Rather, Wyeth ate some banana, foodled with the ball, climbed the stairs, stood on his chair, pushed around a tomato, gnawed on bread with avocado, tried to get my beer, tried to pet a dog, yelped, fidgeted, then - when all of the crowded cafe erupted in cheers after UK's goal - looked terrified and he and I took ourselves for a long wandering, Fort Greene-exploring walk.

For the record - he does a sort of dribble-crawl move with his ball that shows enormous promise.
World Cup 2030 or bust.

and a dribble

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