Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy 37th Linds

Little Linds, May Day at Shady Hill, c. 1984

You'd be 37 today. Chad + Hudson baked a birthday cake for you.
Hudson was accepted at the "Shady Hill" of Dallas a few weeks back so thought this photo of you in all your homemade-t-shirt May Day splendor was appropriate.

We miss you so much dear Linds. There are a lot of new little folks we would like you to meet. (I can think of one in particular but, really, there are many). Anyway, hopefully you know about them all and are looking after their wobbly passages.

And our bad news is a little bit of sunshine for you. We lost Grandpop but you, and Grandma, and mom and baby Steven, got him in your quarter. Look after him, look after us.

With Grandma and Grandpop, Sea Island 05
People we miss

Hugs from us all and happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday.
much love,

your sister (now a mom!) c

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