Thursday, March 18, 2010

Grandpop's Gone

At 11pm last night at Marsh's Edge, St. Simons Island, GA, the world lost Grandpop.

Peacefully they tell us and I trust.
He was ready to go - said as much our last visit (over Christmas). He was quieter these last months and for long moments gazed out the window, hands crossed on chest, and an expression of real, bright, peace.

Grandma has him back and Grandpop's returned to his great love;
she'll have made congo bars and a batch of iced tea for his arrival.

Gand G on couch

We miss him so much already.
The world's lost a gentleman and great soul and we'll struggle as a family to fill Grandpop's Topsiders.

Grandpop's been given top billing in this blog. For posts-past about him,

meeting of great men, 12.2009

We love you so much Grandpop.


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Ran Barton said...

So sorry to hear this sad news. It's lovely that he was able to meet Wyeth. I am sure he will enjoy telling Grandma all about the little man.