Sunday, March 14, 2010

baby in a ring (la la la la la)

Wyeth + I +, for a time, Ruslan were in Florida this last week with cousins and baby cousins (second? removed? babies of cousins = cousins to me).

Boca Grande (Key West as you'd want it to still be, but wasp-y) where, with family, we spread through a 3 story, bajillion bedroom + baths and porches house. Excellent for baby wrangling, multiple feeding scenarios, baby-in-the-sun moments.

Cousin Susanna bought the babies these excellent tubes at the supermarket. We took turns inflating. $2.99 - never better spent. The ring has little, also-inflated, seat attached so Wyeth not actually treading water and suspending self. Though I bet he could.

He + Kate did love these things.

And I loved him loving it.
As I do,
often these days,
(also love his new sun hat)


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