Sunday, March 14, 2010

12 hours at RSW

Left Boca house at 7:15am
Arrived Ft Myers airport at 8:45am (for 11:18 flight to JFK)
Flight cancelled (I choked up, Wyeth calm)
Re-routed - Newark at 1:18
9:30am-9:10pm - boarded and un-boarded 3 x (collapsing + re-building stroller 3x), perpetual movement via Ergo, stroller and arms, missing naps will-nilly, accepting Gerber Strained Peas donation from mom of Patrick,
Wheels up, finally, at 9:10pm

Last 1/2 hour of flight a bucking hell of plane attacked from all sides by the same winds that had downed large trees across New Jersey all day. Wyeth slept, soundly, through it all - just a little wimper when we landed; a trooper of uncommon courage.

Maybe my (naive) pre-baby dream of baby-in-a-backpack across the Asian steppe/trans-Siberian, India-by-rickshaw dreams not utterly mad afterall...We appear to have a robust small traveller on our hands.

For now though, happily in our semi-dull but awfully stable routines.

Love, and safe travels,

c+w (R in Bulgaria till week's end)


Ran Barton said...

You’re both very brave to survive that ordeal - so glad that long day ended safely for you. Before you travel by yak across Tibet, maybe you can try a dry run down to DE? :)

Chantal Carleton said...

i have that same baby-in-a-backpack dream! so happy to see that it is so beautifully possible! xo