Thursday, January 14, 2010


Amidst crazy riches of family, health and prosperity, it's hard to imagine Haiti's decimated reality. I look at Wyeth in all his boisterous, growing aliveness then at the images of injured, motherless, babies on the streets of Port au Prince. That the two realities can co-exist in the same hemisphere, world. Babies for god-sake, and Haiti has so many.

I don't have the hands-on, life-saving and limb-splinting skills that would truly help in Haiti right now (though I could still provide milk for the orphaned, but that's another story).

The one thing we can all do is donate funds. And the organization that has established clinics already running in Haiti, and skilled people on the ground, is Paul Farmer's Partners in Health (see Tracy Kidder's NY Times editorial.)

With prayers and hope,


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