Monday, December 14, 2009

cousins, ahoy

with Austin, Brady and Ava

Biggish gap there, excellent excuse: Wyeth, Ruslan and I were on the road.

with Honor + Will

We spent Thanksgiving in Portland OR with Dad + Sarah, toodled around the new-for-all-of-us state, then Wyeth and I continued on to meeting baby cousins and big cousins (second cousins to be exact) in San Francisco/Bay Area, then onwards to Dallas to see true blue cousin Hudson, then home.
With Hudson

Wyeth has been on 8 flights to date. He isn't getting better at them. You still don't want to sit next to us.

mr frequent flier

A glimpse of the cousin meet-up at Tenley's (Wyeth un-napped, then Pep + Marty's twins Austin + Brady fresh from their naps, then Annie + Taylor's Ava - ever fresh and agreeable):

More reports and photos soon, I hope.

love to ALL

love him


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