Wednesday, November 04, 2009

abroad in the city/world

Marathon Morning (marathon men)

As Wyeth makes headway into his 4th month
(or 12th, depending on your thoughts/politics),
he gets daily curious-er, chattier, more ticklable and somewhat more reasonable nap-wise.

Me and Wyeth in Central Park

He is not getting happier about hats and jackets, negative on mittens.
I fear snow-suit season, the bundling hurdle to departures,
already difficult by the urban logistics of strollers and other trials.

at the DIA Beacon (arty men)

He comes along to every event we can in the hope that,
even in a dream-state of stroller-napping,
Wyeth's absorbing and
tucking away impressions
of cafes, museums, neighborhoods, zoo animals and city bustle...

on the Lower East Side (city-wandering men)

Love from
us 3

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