Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ananda Balasana (happy baby pose)

Okay, not true Happy Baby pose -
Wyeth's not got grip/coordination/recognition of own extremities to make pose plausible, but close.

Wyeth and I attended our first Mommy + Me Yoga class last Thursday. Had planned to attend for weeks but as the hour would approach, we'd be mid-nap, or meltdown or on cusp of a poop (the elusive...)

But last Thursday dawned and Wyeth and I decided that nothing was stopping us - there being no such beast as a well-rested, bowel-emptied and/but well-fed, appropriately suited Wyeth and mom.

Off we trucked.

We weren't the oldest or youngest (many tiny pink bundles, and an enormous 4 month bruiser beside us),
neither best behaved nor worst (thank god - one small pink bundle took the honor), we sat out a few poses,
had some nips at the boob,
probably spent more time prone on the blanket then asana-ing but,
all tolled,
we participated
and got our practice on.

Yes. Wyeth now has his practice god bless.
Ganesha save him from becoming a pre-potty-trained Lulu-Lemonhead.


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