Thursday, September 10, 2009

all we need's a flat surface

On topic of moving with young one and judgments I will no longer pass:
Pre-Wyeth (PW ) was boggled and disturbed by diaper changes taking place on the floors of airports, restaurants, park benches...

The indignity!
the bum-in-the-air of it!


No more. Moms and Dads - have at it.

The world doesn't provide enough nicely screened, ever-so-lightly padded, self-cleaning, non-chilly/well-ventilated waist-height flat surfaces, period.

Wyeth, Rus and I are only beginning this journey but already have christened
the wall-to-wall in Grandpop's nursing home,
backseat of MH + Micah's rental car in Maine
and set up temporary shop on beds in 3 states.

Topic for another day, same that theme:

breastfeeding on the road or, why I wish we lived in France.

Stationery love, to all

c (at rest)

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