Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Newell Convers (NC), Howard et al.

An NC Wyeth illustration
The name:
"WYETH" (not Wyatt and not "with" as by the pediatrician's assistant).
Rus and I culled family history, too many opinions and 5 million plus popular baby names to end up with this one. (More on journey to middle name "NICHOLAS" in a future post).
Why? Reasons including:
  • Strong, silent name/type.
  • "Would I take a call/accept a date/loan money to/share a ride with ________ Chilov". In the case of "Wyeth" - resounding yes.
  • "Wyeth, please choose your team for dodgeball/math camp/nap time" and only our little fellow steps forward, not a herd including Wyeth W, Wyeth R, Wyeth with blond hair etc.
  • Howard Pyle, possibly (and, for here, conveniently) a vaguely linked ancestor of mine, taught painting and illustration to NC Wyeth (and Maxfield Parrish, among others) at the turn of the century.
  • PIRATES, COWBOYS, CASTAWAYS, DEERSLAYERS, MOHICANS, KING ARTHUR, SCOTTISH CHIEFS and a small deer - all illustrated by NC Wyeth and all about as "boy" as they come.
  • Rus + I visited the Brandywine River Valley, then Rockland Maine - two prominent Wyeth family sites, and absorbed, were inspired by, took pictures...

NC Wyeth in studio

Howard Pyle in his studio

And, lastly, because Wyeth looked liked Wyeth (and not Howard) from the very start.


c, and the aptly named Wyeth, and father R

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Ran Barton said...

I think it's a great name.

The next time you come to the Brandywine River Museum, please call so we can see you. It's right around the corner and one of our favorite places. Eager to meet the little man (and the big man and to see you again).