Friday, July 24, 2009

!kung vs. iCal

simple context: Wyeth 'neath the tree

NB. A "technical", somewhat jargon-y, post. 

Slow through pregnancy, by Wyeth's arrival I'd ingested a stack of baby how-to books and announced to any who'd listen (Dad and Sarah, Wyeth) that we'd be working with a schedule. Yes, 8 days old was young but a schedule's a schedule and Wyeth would benefit from this early rigor, be the better adult for the clarity of his daylight hours. 

I encouraged Rus to read up on variations on the schedule, in case we'd missed some nuance.

When Wyeth had missed his nth morning activity slot because he was napping/pooping/fussing, I switched over to the more touchy-feely, Happiest Baby on the Block.  Harvey Karp cites other cultures, notably the !Kung of the Kalahari, as time-eternal examples of mom & babe grooving into a primordial rhythm of breast and sleep and lovin' that transcended time clocks. !Kung babies don't distinguish a night feed from a whatever. What The Baby Whisperer admonishes as "snacking" is the !Kung babe m.o. in the blissfully small realm of his mom's chest, breath...

bigger + messier context: Wyeth's room

Lo, I realize I am neither. 

I will not, as Baby Whisperer demands, establish a schedule for the next 6 months so iron-clad that the world, and Wyeth with it, must contort to align, but neither will I wear my dear baby night and day, forgoing the personal space of us both.

Neither !Kung nor scheduler we will be. Instead? Some very messy, un-schedulable combo of the two.

With love and the day ahead.


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