Saturday, April 11, 2009

R & I, on April 10, wed

C + R Wedding, 4.10.2009
At the City Clerk's, we wait....

C + R Wedding, 4.10.2009

Then (wed), exit amidst rose petals (thank you MH!) and so many great friends and family.

Onwards drinks and beautiful food at Matsugen (stealth-organized by Christian with help of John + Daniel), brief stop home for re-group, change out of wedding coat, and, at 6:30, to Barcibo for celebration, cakes + toasts into the (wedded) night.

Such an amazing day, so many people to thank and tip of the bouquet to City Clerk's office for most memorable launch.

Love to all, more photos to follow (HUGE thanks to Micah + Marie-Helene for capturing whole day via still, video, large format negatives - doing work of a camera crew of 15). 
Some photos here.

C (Mrs. C) + R
and the little man who attended it all


Marie-Helene Carleton said...

AMAZINGLY FUN WEDDING ( as all caps attests to) and so happy to share in the fun of the day. Everlasting good wishes to you and more photos to come :)

Gaby said...

So sad I missed your wedding...and your baby shower. I feel like such a wayward friend. Forgive me!! I miss you and CAN'T wait to meet the li'l man. Much love, Gabs