Monday, April 13, 2009

Bulgarian or bust (or babble...)

Rus turned 40 Saturday - with dignity, gravitas and a few drinks.
There wasn't much I could give him (having given hand in marriage, in two months a son...) so wrapped-up "Teach Yourself Bulgarian" and promised unflagging study of his mother tongue.

New favorite phrase:
Корабът ми на въздушна възглавница е пълен със змиорки
(Korabãt mi na v'zdyšna vãzglavnica e pãlen sãs zmiorki)

(My hovercraft is full of eels)

mrs. c


nadine said...

All impressed about 2009 achievements and goals of yours Mrs. C, plus the blog seems 'back'...!? love it
Happy one-week anniversary!

Marie-Helene Carleton said...

"I cannot buy this record. It is scratched."

Yes, you get it?

Nina Henning said...

mrs. C - thought I'd check the blog to see if there is news of you and yours, and I'm very glad to see it's up and running again. Look forward to you dazzling me with your Bulgarian language prowess very soon! see you in New York before too long. xo Nina