Monday, March 30, 2009


Dad and his girls

Lindsey would be 36 today.

She'd be mother of an almost 3-year old, maybe there'd have been another one in the meantime or, to join the crowd (we're all doing it), one on the way.
She'd be alive to enjoy life in the new administration, alive to witness lilacs that'll be here soon, alive to make plans with...

I miss her more than ever.
I hope they're pulling out all the stops to celebrate her up where she is.

Love you Linds.

(So many great photos of Linds so narrowed the field to Linds + a few of our/her/my favorite men : ) Biased, but my blog...)

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Joe Lazarus said...

Your sister and I were good friends in grad school. She was an amazing person. I think about her often and miss her dearly. Thanks for sharing these pictures and thoughts.

Happy Birthday, Lindsey.