Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Packing them (HIM) up, out...

by Jill Freedman (who didn't take a donkey photo)

Buoyed by the massive power force that is a group of unintroduced citizens crowded into a gym-ish room and waiting (ecstatically, chattily, peacefully) in tangle small lines to enter toilet stall-size black tents with the worried expressions as they pull the flap aside that once within they'll forget the instructions for lever-pull-direction and inadvertently not only elect the woman from Alaska but possibly undo everyone else's good work/votes in the process.

Or so I feared.But didn't, I think, do - lever thing makes me as nervous as red light/green light buzzer tests from kindergarten.

I voted in the west village Gay/Lesbian/Transgender Center. A few months back I walked by it as it was hosting a party, celebrating some theme that embraced all costumes including lots of backless leather chaps. All bottoms clothed in booths today.

Hope everyone exercised their inalienable right too - I swear it's an awesome thing. And claim your free Starbucks coffee - just tip the barrista.

Love + so long elephants

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Marie-Helene Carleton said...

photo editing at its finest. love the picture!