Thursday, September 11, 2008

Zoom decorating

From Grandpop's Apt Marsh's Edge

Last week was the speedy culmination of a 3-week soap-dish-to-chandelier decorating project for Grandpop. Having decided to leave the Sea Island house and join friends/community/security of a retirement home, and staying in an assisted living apartment there in the meantime, Grandpop had a few weeks to make his new apartment habitable.

I ordered furniture apartment-unseen (worked from floor plans and a few dark photos) and tried to budget along the wavery line between IKEA and Conrans/Restoration Hardware so Grandpop would be cozy but not suspect a brand new/aspirational lifestyle had been bought on his dime.
My Grandpop is 92 after all and not - probably - immortal. Or hankering for a new look/life c/o coffee table.

Grandpop reports that he's hosted friends
Made morning hot chocolate
and begun his further-feathering.

(some pictures)


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