Sunday, August 03, 2008

Olana, that was

olana anticipates
The night before

The Olana Summer Party - was...

(saris and salwars and kurtas and men in pajamas and jodhpurs and get-ups ethnic/eastern)

Some last-minuteness to the set-up but party a success (not just my estimation):
Turning away people (bottom-line good but tough news for those who'd left farmhouses counties away dressed in funny Indian outfits for the party's theme only to be sent right back home, now salwaars drooping, bindis sliding...)
The dance-floor never emptied,
Guests found the food (last year's had been fast-moving tray-targets of too few passed hors-d'ouevres),
Guests liked the food (refills, fast-emptied vats of saag-paneer, curry stains)
Folks appeared happy and mingling, befriending and proud to be on a hill-top over the Hudson on a summer-eve,
It didn't rain though it had rumbled and did big-time Sunday),
Olana itself looked magnificent
and I imagine Mr. Church was pleased?

(Able + Africia, arrive via long/dramatic entrance route)

Anyway - it happened and I'm relieved and I would have reported all of this earlier except now in Sea Island, visiting Grandpop, and computer access has been a shifting thing...

Love to all,

c (cloistered)

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