Wednesday, July 02, 2008

shift, shift again

This wasn't planned (decisions-under-fire school) but lo, there it was: the very big apartment, empty and me now bursting out of my (other, soon former) Hudson apartment. 2,500 sq. feet of STUFF, plus some barn contents were temporaruly shoe-horned into 600 sq. feet, low ceilings.

This last week has been scrubbing of many-tenants'-worth of life + cooking (Easy Off as floor cleaner), painting over previous tenant's visions of blue and preparing for second move in 30 days this Friday.

Many fine points to the new place, including a small guest room/study, 2 doors down from Mexican Radio (serving till 11), huge farmhouse kitchen sink for bathing dogs, babies?, high ceilings, back porch/deck over looking jungly garden and a carriage house...

c - still moving, soon at rest

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