Monday, June 16, 2008


jeff wall photos, stair

Many small towns have auction houses - Hudson has Stair Galleries. Like a country auction, including cast of regulars (local dealers) and you can fit a preview into afternoon's errands.

set up 2

Unlike though in most other ways. No fly-bitten chipped Victorian, no cardboard box lots of campaign buttons, no farm equipment. I went by yesterday and had Stair's two floors almost to myself.

art from above

To preview for Saturday's auction: ancient persian gold arm cuffs, Doug Hall photos, Khmer buddhas, Rauschenburg collage on silk, Barcelona chairs, Bugatti cabinet (with tassles), Islamic incantation bowls (catalog: "used for casting magic spells"), dogan mali mask, zeppelin memorabilia...

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Elements of Style said...

oh how i wish i could be there for this!