Sunday, June 15, 2008

and we're off

goodbye house (good bye chair)

No right way to say goodbye.
Have spent the last 10 days absenting myself, sweeping my footsteps from my house. Till there's no trace - that's how it's meant to hand over afterall, trace-less.

I did a decent job of that but god it's been tough. Or layered. You sweep away one and lo you're still, annoyingly, not gone from the closet, the corner.

(I sold the house, closing this last Wednesday)

More when I'm not box-battered and bat-escaped.


1 comment:

franki durbin said...

I just have to comment here... I am sitting in what appears to be the identical chaise.... how can I not say hello? :)

And, yes.... moving out (and on) is exhausting. Just know that you will be able to relax again when it's over.