Friday, May 09, 2008

Day 6

The Burmese government is still banning all foreign aid workers from delivering aid directly to the Burmese people. They have accepted some aid from "trusted" neighbors India and China but all other teams, trained to deal with flooding and its aftermath (contagion, poisoned drinking water, the corpses etc.) are denied visas.

Listen to any report (the BBC is doing an excellent job but depending largely on accounts from Burmese living outside Burma and receiving information from family members still there) and the impossibility of the situation is mounting, unprecedented. For a ruling government to not act in its own populations' best interests to this extent, when hundreds of thousands of lives are being lost, is beyond appalling. That level of paranoid xenophobia is criminal.

World leaders are deciding what our response will be, what our responsibilities are.

In the meantime, PACT remains one of the few aid organizations with teams in Burma, with access and directly able to deliver aid where it's needed.

So please support PACT's efforts
The Burmese people must know there is concern, the world has not stood by once again.

Thank you and please spread the word.


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