Friday, April 25, 2008

Get your poem

Another slow-to-post one, this one time-sensitive, April-specific:

Just a few days left to sign up for a poem-a-day email from Borzio press.

To tide you till that kicks in, your Friday one:


I sink back upon the ground, expecting to die. A voice speaks out of my ear, You are not
going to die, you are being changed into a zebra. You will have black and white stripes
up and down your back and you will love people as you do not now. That is why you
will be changed into a zebra that people will tame and exhibit in a zoo. You will be a
favorite among children and you will love the children in return whom you do not love
now. Zoo keepers will make a pet of you because of your round, sad eyes and musical
bray, and you will love your keeper as you do not now. All is well, then, I tell myself
silently, listening to the voice in my ear speak to me of my future. And what will happen
to you, voice in my ear, I ask silently, and the answer comes at once: I will be your
gentle, musical bray that will help you as a zebra all your days. I will mediate between
the world and you, and I will learn to love you as a zebra whom I did not love as a
human being.

David Ignatow from New & Collected Poems, 1970-1985

(Good prose poem place to start is Great American Prose Poems, Poe to Present, edited by David Lehman)

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