Friday, February 29, 2008

Dad, Liberia, a school and Linds

Dad was in Liberia just now. Among other projects and reasons for being there (dad always has many), he was visiting the school far outside of Monrovia that's due to open this spring, and in the name of my sister - Lindsey.

It takes hours and a solid seat to reach the site - one of the reasons the school is so needed, so necessary there - off the grid puts it precisely where it can best serve the unserved, or under-served, school children. Liberia is building itself and schools are topping its agenda - president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is making them priority.

Much more to say but for now I start with introductions, and leave you with Dad's amazing album of the journey here.

C - with so many men to toast tonight (and an early flight to catch)

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