Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow Day (if)

Last night it snowed.
But not the 6-12" predicted. Just 2", a tidying blanket, the quick work of a set decorator producing maximum effect with no budget allotted for winter scenes. A little melt and we'll return to the muddiness of the weekend, of driveways tracked across roads and car windows blurred with grime.

It's still snowing but slowly now, with spaces and pauses between each flake. Not far there must be an outer edge where I can straddle a weather front.

The schools must be open. Such sad little faces over cereal this morning.

The test will happen.

The tormented meet her tormentor.

The assistant will have to discuss Macbeth's motives.

The game will be played.

The cook's least favorite menu: lasagna, veg and meat, will have to be layered.

On account of cramps the early-to-develop 5th grader will sit out the pass and dribble drill during basketball practice.

The librarian will not give a grace day.

Mrs. Ascher's class's papers on Africa's plain animals will be due.

Logistics for the Model UN Delegates' Hartford trip will be ironed out.

Mr. Evans will meet Ms. Bailey in the second floor Latin classroom, empty for the 3 weeks that Mr. Schiller's classics class are on the Ephesus dig.

The Janitor will have to face the bathrooms used during Saturday's rally.

The senior will sit before the college adviser (and foreign film coordinator) and devise a back-up list, and consider an extra year. (The senior's grandfather, a Princeton man, will be rolling over, somewhere.)

The trainer will ice the star squash player's knee, and discuss Hillary.

The papers will be graded and Rachel's will convince her to major in art history at Barnard. (Rachel will flounder in the field. Her paper was mediocre and marked blindly late Sunday night when the teacher, depressed by the bleakness of her life, was on the second bottle of red.)

The Biology teacher will stretch his department's budget by having his students work a few more days on the fetal pig's own heart rather than purchasing sheep hearts separately. (Jill will be sick.)

Mrs. Hunt's First Grader's pea sprouts in styrofoam cups will be observed in their 19th day of being in the world (a heavier snow and the day would go unremarked, and no measurements noted under Monday, Jan. 14th on the clipboards that hang below each).

Fourth Grader John will finally get the hang of tracing amphoras and finish cutting the felt design for his toga's edge (the Greek Olympics will be held in April).
(Campbell would have liked to help John, she'd finished her border of lyres in last week, but he hadn't asked and she'd been given all the ironing to do.)

Mary Katherine, mother of Brad will have to skip her Bikram class to pick up Brad from jujitsu. (She'll do the Tuesday 6am Iyengar class.)

Bailey's Dad will have to get the report printed and bound himself because his secretary (Meredith) had counted on the weather channel and embedded herself and her new boyfriend in the Catskills where they were snowed in. Bailey's Dad will Google "Xerox, nyc" and discover a Kinkos in the opposite direction of the meeting but not far from the Apple Store. He will buy a nano while the reports are collating.

And Peggy won't go in at all. She's sick.

c - liking snow

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