Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tethering a year

Perhaps you'd given up.
Almost two months after all, and that's a very long time.

What I have to report is simple business, and the distractions of my novel new living situation(s) and energies being pulled elsewhere.

But I miss writing here, and reporting. I'm vowing that 2008 will hear more of me, that I can wrangle some balance between Circa, life and the meditations that meandered through this place. Those meanderings were useful in their aimless way; they allowed me to briefly pin the passing and give some heft to the intrinsically weightless.

So much changed this year and maybe I can use the blog to record (and so order) some of those shifts. If I work hard at it (clench and frown), maybe 2008 will unfold with a prayer of a plan.

C - wishing and planning


RBIII said...

So pleased to see a post from your direction, C. The discipline of writing can be so hard to maintain. I wish and yet your writing always mixes the detail with the sweep in arresting ways. I have missed it.

RBIII said...

Ignore the ". I wish and" above - clickastrophe in the clicking of send.