Monday, December 31, 2007

I want to say

Haylie + Peter's barn, me in the window - this morning as I wandered away from shoveling

happy new year to all.

A few for my 2008:

more mist (and Maine),
More tea in large cups and more red wine.
More morning writing.
More clipping, pasting.
More homemade gifts given.
More stamps.
More talk to plants.
More conversation, yorkshire pudding, loosing of pomegranates, underlining, Emerson-dipping, surprise parties, thank yous, kind faces, piggybacks, bitch and swaps, yurts, touch, balsam, puzzles without dark patches, unknowns, candles, saints, foreign lands, reasons to dress up, taxi rides, chaos, company, footsteps, nice smells, sea shells, trust, wisdom, arias, road trips, individuality, divine penguins, gold leaf, dinner dances, mentors, movie theatres with homemade cookies, farmers market cassis, grueyerre, loving but ferocious scrabble, quiet snow, inscrutable houses, plumes, knee socks, live jazz, alchemy, fancy pins, friends + their friends, fage yogurt, train trips, the unexplainable, blueberries, braeburn apples, big plans, little plans, naps, maps, small cookies that come with coffees, kind people, good pens (pen boxes), stories, moss, calvino, hope, clogs with a higher heel, un-itchy sweaters, silk, hugs, runs, soups...

(should I end on soups?)

C - who will go on

(is this becoming a yearbook page?)

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Marie-Helene Carleton said...

this is one of the best new years resolution lists i've ever seen. i don't know whether to jump into the middle of it or toast wildly from the sidelines with champagne spilling out of my glass. perhaps both? :) and yes, do add something after soup!