Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Circa went to Brooklyn (a while ago)

Not so long ago that it's not worth mentioning, Circa went a-wandering.
Not far in distance but, borough-wise, a bridge-leap to Park Slope Brooklyn.

It was a lot of packing - swaddling santos in suzanis, securing ikats amongst the pickle pots, stacking Tibetan tea cups so they weren't jostled by a rogue spice box - but it was good to set out Circa amidst a new space and it was learning. It's been a whole year of massive lessons and as I struggle along, trying to cram a lifetime or graduate school's worth of retail smarts into an affordable time span, it was valuable in lots of back-breaking ways.

And it was fun to be off-site, nice to have wine with friends amidst it all, and good to play dress-up in all the cool clothes being sold by Circa-host (Courtney friend) AshaVeza/Shanti Crawford.

C - casting back (I'm going to break free of the old news soon, just as soon as I can mash in a few highlights, contextual explanations. I worry about gaps that, re-reading fromacafe years from now, to prod my sorry memory, the pieces won't be there. And so I'll be forced to rock, and worry, about the lost summer of '07.)

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R. Schwendeman said...

Personally, I like the Barley twist gate leg table. I think this look is timeless! We come across them ourselves from time to time and they always seem to fly out the door right away!

Roger @ ACF China