Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy 65th Dad

Today, as August 17th dawns on the tarmac of Heathrow Airport, my father will be landing into his 65th year.
If that makes any sense.

The point being that a very great man will be celebrating this big event not surrounded by the loving family/friends/admirers who’d like to be gathered round him (we did some of that in maine, not enough) but rather buffeted by some radar-wielding meanie – an unsung great man amongst the Harrod-bag clutching throngs.

This isn’t right but, for a man who’s traveled voraciously all of his life, and put almost everything ahead of himself, this is perhaps not so wrong either. On his 65th birthday, dad’s in-transit to points east – maybe this is just as it should be.

So I would ask that those still-hanging-in blog readers everywhere take a moment to celebrate my dad (his email is btw), and toast a man/husband, father, grandfather and foundation-founder (I wrote about it here) who is, literally, making a difference in this world every day.

I love you dad, you are my rock.

C - celebrating

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Michael Floyd said...

feliz cumpleanos to your dad