Saturday, July 14, 2007

What Woolfe willed

At the top of the stairs...

At the top of the stairs, I created what Woolfe willed for us all and rendered a closet a study.

It's a decadent redundancy in a house of desks but for 2 years my attentions have wandered. One desk: a long table jammed against a Staples-gray filing cabinet, gave the house's best view but placed me living room center court. View vs. tidying for every gathering and excusing the filing cabinet.

Now 4 walls contain me,
kitchen and dishes cannot tempt me,
laundry does not call me,
weeds no longer taunt me,
and my brain can lock-into a topic and file for longer than 10 minutes.

Study, nascent, light to hang, bookshelves to raise...

Within my new enclosed space - like a hotel business center it inspires me to rule the world by fax - I shall generate enormous thoughts and harness and explain them here. A room of one's own guarantees this.

c - enclosed

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Marie-Helene Carleton said...

welcome to the study, of your own. congrats on making it happen. sometimes the hardest thing. and welcome to the voice that will (continue to) emerge from within it.