Monday, July 23, 2007

The vine that ate the valley

I should report daily, even when the news is as small as:

Train back down and into the city this afternoon. I'd been away for 2 weeks.
Hudson socked in - ghost bridges and sliding-by apparition of west point.

Trees that should have been sharp cut-outs against the fog muffled by the bittersweet - the kudzu of the northeast, insidious for its speed.
It's strangled the 40mph sign on the way to Clermont house - "0" left.
At whatever madness speed it advances - a foot a day perhaps - its activity signifies a terrifying youth.
Accustomed to nature's snails pace brought up short by a fast driving upstart. Us and the trees in thrall and at mercy.

And for all the moments we don't, it's gone and strangled another one.

C - cursing it and wondering why there's no outcry

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