Saturday, July 14, 2007

my, my (lost in thought)

This is a not-proud record lapse between posts.

I'm juggling these days having pushed Circa Trade, and my writing/pitching, to the front of the to-dos. Mostly because I like these two pursuits very much but also - pragmatically - because they just might one day pay.

Doing posts has kept my language limber and my life and every passing thought observed but it's also taken up quite a lot of time. And the observing/recording would sometimes take precedence over, say, going headlong in some Circa-related direction.

Also though, if I'm being honest (and this is my place to be), I have found it hard to regain my voice here. Things that I'd have noted in the past have seemed more incidental than before, harder to land lightly on. Stupidly, things have gained a gravitas unsuited to a bit of a "ramble" round, a go at scrutiny.

But that is precisely the reason I must keep a-writing and a-noting so that this nasty seriousness (somehow I see it as an Oxford don in robes self-importantly crossing a quad) is held off.

So - lightness, air and shorter posts is my solution - just perhaps fewer and relegated to after-Circa and after-pitching times.

C - done explaining, excusing

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