Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Pike

I am neither a good, nor an instinctive driver - only a few years separate me from a failed driving test.

I don't "sense" other vehicles and at 75mph, as I tried to change lanes from behind a Harley, I did so almost into the side of an SUV. I later realized I had an enormous and self-inflicted blind spot and my side mirror was reflecting little but the sky above - every passing was as likely not to work as to work.

I did not stop at the rest area on my way back so that the experience would be over with quicker. I feared that if I stopped I might not start again and that I'd have to be fetched - possibly a first for the Cinnabun rest stop crowd.

The good part?

The Taconic - hairpin and no-shoulder parkway - arrived like a blessed country lane.

c - in the driver's seat, just

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