Monday, May 07, 2007

Maghreb el Aqsa - one African edge

Almost on Morocco time.

Studying before Thursday departure: today, by showy gesture and self-evident observation, the establishing of Islam.

Maghreb el Aqsa:

When General Oqba Ibn Nafi rode fully armed
into the Atlantic in AD680 to proclaim,
with sword raised to Allah,
that he could go no further,
it marked the dramatic arrival of Islam in Morocco.
Henceforth, this newly conquered Islamic frontier would be known as
the Maghreb El Aqsa
'the land furthest west'.

C - a little less in awe of a mansion built, and state established, just 300 years ago. No swords raised or uniforms wetted as our forefathers rode into the Hudson. Young us.

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Ran B. said...

Have a great trip, C. We look forward to more of your wonderful photographs and accounts from faraway.