Saturday, April 14, 2007


Lindsey Stephenson Brown

Today it's been a year.

C - in Dallas


Anonymous said...

Courtney I am thinking of you in Nairobi this week end, what a year it has been for you, and David, and Chad, and Hudson. Thanks for letting us have glimpses, and for seeing what sisters are and I still love your writing and your thoughts and your choices of poems photos and humor, and hearing of the engagement and everything! Just need to get to know circa trade now, in the flesh rather than online (I also live in a small town with interesting shops that tend to come to life on the week end -- Shepherdstown West Virginia; I also have a great friend here in Nairobi who is from Hudson). Happy birthday hudson and happy memories courtney Liz

chantal said...

" demain quelqu'un s'inquiète de notre ami d'au-delà des mers, dites que, déposant ses sandales, il est rentré chez lui, content, pieds nus..." ("...if tomorrow someone asks about our traveling friend, say that - while putting away her sandals - she has returned home, happy and barefoot..."
-anonymous, to the memory of monk eisen, china 830 a.c.e.

sending love from paris,

Anonymous said...

Sending you love and strength

(from an unkown but appreciative reader)