Monday, April 02, 2007

Feeder down

From the very big to the very small.

Topic being squirrels.

Unfolding: the squirrels have ruined it for everyone, as since time immemorial.

I have evidence (photos) but for now, my word will stand:

In the course of a long morning,
2 squirrels (working against one another but to the same end)
have downed an entire feeder.

Its contents - scattered - sun-flowering seeding my lawn.

C - also with mice issues but sticking to a rodent-a-post rule

1 comment:

Marie-Helene Carleton said...

those squirrels... and bears! take to birdfeeders in the most enthusiastic of ways. (update on sheep - planning to pick them up between the week of April 14th. baa?)