Tuesday, April 17, 2007


So, readers can remotely participate in a big party, my first post from the weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, at a little patch of Dallas green, a little boy named Hudson celebrated his 1st birthday and Tietze's Toddler's Park was inaugurated in the name of his mother, Lindsey Stephenson Brown.

Hudson's birthday - hosted by Chad and attended by pretty much a Hudson entourage - was a success. Though freezing, in a way a southern state shouldn’t be, everyone layered, hugged and managed still to celebrated in Texas-scale style.

(I huddled behind the caterer's table, warming by the enchiladas bunson burners.)

Some 100 people sang Happy Birthday 3 times in unicent as Hudson gazed across, then smushed/ate, a magnificent cake depicting the park and his own personal cake...

That Hudson is now spoiled for every birthday from here-on-in is a given.

That this boy’s 2nd birthday – even if hosted in a football stadium - will be a come down is hard not to assume.

The Toddler Park was established by funds gathered in Lindsey's name. Perched on a bed of wood-chips, a sort of pirate-y, slide—centric, enormous jungly-structure with outlying bouncing things, the park is a toddler fantasy.

Thanks to our most organized attenders, there are photos of the party are here and here too.

Thanks, on behalf of Hudson and Chad, for attending.

C - full of cupcakes

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