Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Suicidal Fowls, a list

Lists collected.

"His is a lively account featuring details of the:
drunk fakirs,
giant frogs
and suicidal fowls

he encounters."
- Fryer: surgeon in the service of the East India Company, in India and Persia until 1681.

“Newly arrived and quite ignorant of the language,
Marco Polo could express himself
only by drawing objects from his baggage:
salt fish,
necklaces of wart hog's teeth...”

- Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities

"He had experienced many things:
fishes of unknown colouring,
three contemporaneous suns in the sky,
false friends,
black villainy,
short successes
and showers of gold
that instantly dried up again
- Isak Dinesen, Out of Africa,

"The raja's palace was full of servants:
foot men,
specialists at making tea and frosting cakes,
exterminators of mosquiots and spiders,
and may more whose duties amd roles it was impossible to fathom
- Ryszard Kapscinski, 'Open World'

"Borges quotes a certain chinese encyclopedia in which it is written that animals are divided into:
(a) belonging to the Emperor,
(b) embalmed,
(c) tame,
(d) sucking pigs,
(e) sirens,
(f) fabulous,
(g) stray dogs,
(h) included in the present classification,
(i) frenzied,
(j) innumerable,
(k) drawn with a very fine camel hair brush,
(l) et cetera,
(m) having just broken the water pitcher,
(n) that from a long way off looks like flies
- Michel Foucault, 'The Order of Things’

c - listing

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