Tuesday, March 20, 2007

postal grace


I learned of postal amnesty a week after my mailbox fell to the plow and my cross-the-road neighbor couldn't be found to right it.

What I expected:

The inconvenience you have caused your mail carrier,
the incompetence you've shown in handling rural life by leaving a box where it lay
(as suspected: you have no power tools),
has forced PO 12526 to hereby suspend all mail,
being delivered to 3751 rt 9G.

Find yourself a new zip code,
we are done with you and city folks flouting mail box etiquette.

I was handed a rubber-banded bundle with a little note on top: box down.

The post office allows 3 weeks for folks to right the wrongs caused by big storms.

This last storm, it stayed righted.

not a post box but a snow indicator

C - proud to be of 12526

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