Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Peacock Falls Through

Simplify, clarify (on Saturday they'll give us light).

Geminis like to introduce a notion then wander away.
This blog's a little so.
A bit of travel, a meditation on things domestic, life events big and not so very, things I like, pictures I like...

I've been thinking of worrying out a single strand and giving travel writing/posts a home of their own.

Which would need a name.


Peacock Falls Through
Left At Cow
Bits of Moss
Owns An Atlas
Art of Moving
Junk (chinese boat kind) and Camel
2nd AC
And 40 Figs
With the Monsoon

(All inevitably preceded by "" and smushed into a single word.)

I can offer explanations, I welcome thoughts.

C - clearly now

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