Friday, March 30, 2007

happy birthday, dear linds..

I have the perfect photo (just not here)

Lindsey's in Turkey - maybe 3? - face down, sound asleep in a slice of chocolate birthday cake.

(It was a family classic.)

She didn't take herself too seriously
She enjoyed to the hilt.
She liked cake.
And she was a porker when she was little.

There's been a feeling of loss all the holidays since last April: loss for us as much as for her, that Linds is missing - the essential element gone.

But this holiday, personal one of course - is harder. This time it's Linds' loss. We don't get to bake a cake for her (though Chad has), or watch her open presents, but the fundamental thing is that Linds is not here to celebrate her own 34th birthday.

Now we have a number and wherever she's counting from, she doesn't get to count this one on earth.

While all of us just keep ticking off our own.

We're celebrating for you here Linds. Happy birthday up there.

Love CTP


Anonymous said...

Andrew and I talked about it this morning- how he had realized last year he and Lids got to trade birthday e-mails and calls. How he wished he had saved that last one to treasure, not knowing there wouldn't be another. We'll think about her we do everyday. Happy Birthday Linds.
Erin & Andrew

Marie-Helene Carleton said...

Happy Birthday to wonderful Linds, whom I've gotten to know and celebrate through the people so dear to her, and me. I'll be thinking specially about her for her birthday, and you Court, so special to me. Lots of love and an enormous amount of hugs. Love you, MH