Wednesday, March 28, 2007

From a cafe milestone (not mid-point)

Edge of Mustang, Kagbeni Valley, NEPAL 2.2006

11.8.2004 smokey cafe, Athens: blog born.

3.28. 2007 adamantly not-smokey Starbucks, Union Square: 702nd post goes out.

Not a birthday, just number-of-ramblings milestone I've decided to recognize.

If you're reading this (having come this far), thank you.

And please pass on the blog, link to, mention.

Writing for myself should be fulfillment enough - for the times it isn't, a small group of readers would help.




Flambo said...

Courtney - you probably don't remember me, but we met in New York in '04, when my sister-in-law Gaby took me to a party at Rus' place...(Joji is my brother)

I really love your blog. I have enjoyed reading about your life, your shop, your wonderful nephew, and the beautiful memories of your sister.

I don't really know you, but I am moved everytime you write.

Just thought I would share that with you.


Anonymous said...

Regular, quiet, anonymous fan from Brooklyn here.

Please keep writing.


Joe Laz said...


We haven't met. I was a friend of your sister's in grad school. You're a great storyteller and I've truly enjoyed reading your blog over the last year or so. Pardon me for not introducing myself earlier.

Write on!

~ Joe

Liz in Nairobi said...

Addicted in Africa! I'm a friend of Sarah and David, who loves your writing and checks in as frequently as I can find high speed internet. I felt part voyeur until I realized, with today's comments, how many others have taken to this blog. We met once, as you and Courtney walked David to Sarah at their wedding. Liz Loughran

Nina said...

I'm still reading, Court, and loving it, especially when the images of Nepal/Sikkim appear out of your archives to breathe new life on your blog. Keep it up! xo Nina

Anonymous said...

Courtney - I've been reading for almost a year now and have not made myself known; I started reading after Lindsey's passing because I was so saddened that I needed the connection your blog provided. I work at Frito Lay and even though I knew Lindsey only in passing, I was so sad & hurt for all of you. In reading those first few months I started to feel a connection and would check in on you almost every day, your writing was so beautiful and I looked forward to your posts... I even worried if you were absent more than a week!!:) - which thankfully doesn't happen often. I enjoyed going back and reading prior years and loved the pics of your house and your travels. Again, while reading I felt a little intrusive since we have never meant, but know from the bottom of my heart that your wellbeing is now important to me, odd as that sounds. We have things in common (shared love of things old & distaste for the current administration) that I do feel like I'm checking in on a friend.
I'm looking forward to the wedding pictures (Congratulations!) and holding you in my thoughts these next few weeks. Take care of yourself.

Ran Barton said...

Keep on writing, Courtney. You do so with real wit and grace, and your travels and reflections are always intriguing and thought provoking. Thanks for the dedication it takes to keep up with this.