Monday, February 26, 2007

Boy needs a blog

Father swing son
Moving forward

Hudson's coming up on his 1st birthday.

For the last near-year I've tried to chronicle some of his evolution: from brand-new in the world, into one who walks through it.

The time has come.

Boy needs a blog of his own.

Here it is, the Hudson Journal.

I've copied over all of the posts that have come before so readers and Hudson lovers will have the arc of Hudson's story, and Lindsey's, from its unimaginable beginning.

I will now post Hudson news, links, photos, and whatever you would like to send me, there. Memories and celebrations of Linds will also be there - the son is eternally linked to his mom.

Please pass the word, please enjoy Hudson's new home and please help to celebrate his remarkable first year.

Love to all


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