Saturday, January 27, 2007

The weather

We should probably never talk about the weather - signal of a blog's downward spiral.

Death knell be damned, this has to be quickly mentioned.

I am upstate (NY), a quick jog west to the frozen Hudson River, a long and not advisable jog well north of New York City, or a more reasonable 2 hrs. by car.

The city is cold too - I just checked its temperature (because I am awake and because the CIRCA site needs updating and because my brain's not called it a day) and, holding steady at 20, it is admirably cold.

But here, in 12526 land - we're truly chilly.

And, peering into our near future, the Times gave this graphic for Wednesday:

chilling in itself but especially ominous with the prediction:

Very cold
with clouds
limiting sun.

C - warm in bed, thinking of staying

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